News and Multimedia from 2010



Plaintiffs' Motion to Depose Diego Borja

31 December 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Plaintiffs' motion to depose Chevron operative Diego Borja, who has admitted to having evidence of Chevron misconduct in the trial.     Read more...

Legal Threats Against Judge Nicolas Zambrano

21 December 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

In a series of recent legal papers, Chevron lawyers Enrique Carbajal and Alberto Racines threatened trial Judge Nicolas Zambrano with criminal sanctions and prison if he failed to grant their motions asking for a dismissal of the case, which has been on trial since 2003 in the Amazon town of Lago Agrio.     Read more...

Chevron's Desperation, Evidence Tampering, and Insults to Indigenous Culture Growing In Ecuador Trial

Oil Giant's Lawyers Concoct Fake "Forgery" to Cover Up Their Own Pattern of Unlawful Activity At Trial
21 December 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Quito, Ecuador – With evidence growing that it has engaged in blatant misconduct to undermine an epic environmental trial in Ecuador, Chevron is now claiming that the fingerprint signatures of mostly illiterate indigenous persons filed years ago with the court as part of the original lawsuit were "forged" and that therefore the 17-year trial should be nullified.     Read more...

Sanctioned Chevron Lawyers Violating New Court Order in Ecuador Environmental Trial

Chevron Refusing to Pay Court Expert After He Found Contamination At "Remediated" Sites
30 November 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Lago Agrio, Ecuador – Chevron lawyers who were recently sanctioned for obstructing the Ecuador environmental trial where the company faces a potential $113 billion liability are defying yet another court order, according to court papers made available today.     Read more...

Patton Boggs Blasts Chevron 'Threats' in $113 Billion Ecuadorian Environmental Case

22 November 2010 | Courthouse News Service

Patton Boggs claims Chevron is trying to undermine the $113 billion environmental lawsuit it faces in Ecuador by intimidating attorneys who stand in its way. The law firm claims that Chevron "will not be content until there remains no attorney left in this country who will dare provide representation to the Ecuadorian plaintiffs, lest their good name be dragged through the mud."     Read more...

Comedy Video Rips Chevron's New "Greenwashing" PR Campaign

Video and parody ad contest are latest initiatives in grassroots effort that has overshadowed oil giant's new "We Agree" ad campaign
17 November 2010 | Amazon Watch, Rainforest Action Network, The Yes Men

With today's release of hilarious high-profile parody video from Will Ferrell's online comedy powerhouse, human rights and environmental organizations Amazon Watch, Rainforest Action Newtwork, and The Yes Men have unveiled the latest chapter in a national grassroots media campaign that has overshadowed oil giant Chevron's new multi-million dollar PR effort.     Read more...

Fines Against Two Chevron Lawyers Increased For Obstructing Ecuador Environmental Trial

Oil Giant Reaches Into Bag of Dirty Tricks to Delay End of 17-year Litigation
16 November 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Lago Agrio, Ecuador – A trial judge in Ecuador has increased the penalty for two Chevron lawyers found to be obstructing the trial where the oil giant faces a multi-billion dollar judgment for the deliberate dumping of 18 billion gallons of toxic waste, according to court papers made available today.     Read more...

Video Reveals Chevron's Fraudulent Oil Cleanup, Evidence Tampering & Lies to U.S. Judges

Released For First Time on Public Website
12 November 2010 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Quito, Ecuador – New graphic videos showing Chevron's misconduct and environmental contamination in Ecuador were released today for the first time on a public website, representatives of the indigenous groups suing the company announced.      Read more...