News & Multimedia from 2014

Chevron Test Results From Ecuador Court Record

1 May 2014

Official test results taken by Chevron's independent experts and submitted to an Ecuador court which show extensive contamination of the environment with toxic chemicals and metals resulting from Chevron's oil exploration.     Read more...

In Long-Fought Victory for Anonymous Email Users, Chevron Agrees to Withdraw Google and Yahoo! Subpoenas

30 April 2014 | EarthRights International

Chevron has finally ended its efforts to obtain information from email accounts belonging to activists, attorneys, journalists and others who have spoken out against the company.     Read more...

Under Fire from Critics, Chevron CEO Quietly Moves Annual Shareholder Meeting to Remote Town in Texas

28 April 2014 | Gowen Group Law Office

San Francisco, CA – Under fire from shareholders and rainforest villagers over a $9.5 billion court judgment, Chevron CEO John Watson has made elaborate plans to move his annual meeting to a remote Texas town in the heart of oil country as a way to avoid his critics.     Read more...

Communities from Five Countries Blast Chevron Over Shoddy Environmental Practices

Launch Global Campaign Against Company and its Products
25 April 2014 | Amazon Watch

Oakland, CA – Community leaders from several countries, including indigenous and farmer communities from the rainforest of Ecuador, announced today a worldwide call for global day of actions in opposition to Chevron to be launched during late May just before the company's 2014 annual shareholders meeting.     Read more...

The Bush Doctrine Comes to Oakland Courtesy of Chevron

23 March 2014 | Eye on the Amazon

Chevron is so scared of the truth that even having someone in the room who might talk about their acts is a threat. This is not an isolated incident, but rather a concerted attack on environmental advocacy.      Read more...

Environmentalist Kicked Out of Chevron-Sponsored Event

After organizers of a Chevron-sponsored economic development summit learned of a paying attendee’s association with an environmental watchdog, he was forcibly ejected from the event.
18 April 2014 | MintPress News

"My plan was to be there, listen to what they have to say, interact with the people at the conference," said Paz y Miño. "Supposedly, these are businesses in Oakland that are concerned with green and sustainable energy. I thought they would be interested in the information."     Read more...

Environmental Activist Forcibly Removed from Chevron-Sponsored Event in Oakland for Mocking the Company's "News" Website

16 April 2014 | East Bay Express

"Chevron has been out to crush free speech in relation to its policies for years and now apparently opposing views are not even allowed in the room," Paz y Miño said. "It's outrageous. They want to crush any kind of open discussion or debate about their actions here or anywhere in the world."     Read more...

The Unnecessary Truth: Reflections on What Wasn't Told in the Chevron Ecuador RICO Case

15 April 2014 | EarthRights International

During the trial, witnesses like Donald were told that they could not speak about the contamination of their lands and water that Chevron’s predecessor, Texaco, had deliberately caused. The attorneys were not allowed to use the word “contamination” without approaching the bench, even in a case involving one of the largest environmental justice disputes in recent history.      Read more...

Report: Judge Kaplan Let Chevron Make "Mockery of Justice" in New York RICO Case

4 April 2014 | Gowen Group Law Office

New York, NY – A new report concludes Chevron made a "mockery of justice" and bribed a witness during its retaliatory RICO case in New York, leading to a likely reversal by U.S. appellate courts and a growing risk for the oil giant in jurisdictions where the villagers are trying to seize assets to pay for a clean-up of their ancestral lands.     Read more...

Onetime Target of Keating Five Assails Big Oil

31 March 2014 | Courthouse News Service

Lago Agrio, Ecuador – An economist who studies and writes about what he considers corporate con jobs said he thinks Texaco got away with one during its time drilling the Ecuadorean Amazon, speaking on a plane flying over the fog-shrouded rivers and forest canopy of Ecuador's vast, oil-rich Oriente region.     Read more...