News & Multimedia from 2014

Interview with Steven Donziger

27 March 2014 | KPFA

Listen to Steven Donziger, lawyer for the Ecuadorian communities who successfully sued Chevron for $9.5 billion dollars, give an update on the case and Chevron's retaliatory RICO action aimed at silencing its critics and attempting to evade justice.     Read more...

"Without Clean Water, We Cannot Survive"

ClearWater: Building a movement for clean water & cultural survival
26 March 2014 | Eye on the Amazon

In just two years, ClearWater has installed more than 500 family-sized rainwater systems that serve thousands of people in communities who have long suffered an epidemic of cancer, birth defects, and other illnesses.     Read more...

Death Threats Made to Ecuadorian Lawyer in Chevron Pollution Case

Juan Pablo Saenz is representing small farmers trying to force Chevron to pay damages for pollution in the Amazon
26 March 2014 | The Guardian

"People are constantly following us in Ecuador," said lawyer Juan Pablo Saenz. "They said to me: 'Think very carefully about what you are doing, because it would be a shame if something happened to you and your family'."     Read more...

Don't Buy Chevron's Big Lie!

25 March 2014 | Eye on the Amazon

Ironically, the grave danger from Chevron's farcical RICO ruling is not to the Ecuadorians seeking justice. The real danger is the precedent this sets for our work to hold Chevron and other U.S. corporations accountable.     Read more...

Chevron's Mockery of Justice

How the oil giant's RICO decision suffers from five fatal flaws
April 2014

This document details five reasons why Judge Kaplan’s decision is fatally flawed, unlikely to survive appeal, and unlikely to have a wider impact on enforcement actions in other jurisdictions.     Read more...

Interview with Steven Donziger, Lou Dematteis and Paul Paz y Miño

24 March 2014 | KPFA

KPFA Radio interview by Nina Serrano with human rights lawyer Steven Donziger, photographer Lou Dematteis and Paul Paz y Miño of Amazon Watch about the latest developments in the Chevron-Ecuador case and Chevron's RICO retaliatory attacks on Ecuadorian communities and their allies.     Read more...

Contested Tales of Life in Ecuador's Indigenous Oil-Rich Oriente Region

18 March 2014 | Courthouse News Service

The story of 78-year-old Manuel Salinas has been one of the most visible, heartbreaking and contested tales of the life in the oil-producing region of Ecuador's Oriente region.     Read more...

In the Chevron Court Case, Ordinary Ecuadorians' Voices Don't Seem to Count

Chevron is reluctant to give ground to the people affected by the dumping of toxic waste. But they're not going to stop fighting for compensation.
18 March 2014 | The Guardian

The Chevron case is something of a parable in two ways: first, it is a lesson about the incandescent response of multinational corporations to any questioning of them; second, it's a reminder how little the voices of campesinos (peasant farmers) and indigenous people in Latin America seem to count in the eyes of the companies that want to make use of their land.     Read more...

Donziger, Ecuadorians File Emergency Motion to Stay Judge Kaplan's RICO Decision

18 March 2014 | Donziger and Associates

New York, NY – aying the decision in Chevron's RICO case is without legal precedent, New York Attorney Steven Donziger and two Ecuadorian villagers today filed papers with Judge Lewis A. Kaplan seeking to stay his decision granting an injunction and other remedies to Chevron after it was hit with a $9.5 billion judgment in Ecuador for deliberately dumping toxic waste into the rainforest.     Read more...

Hell Will Freeze Over Before Chevron Pays for Pollution

7 March 2014 | VICE

Environmental groups believe this ruling has far-reaching implications beyond the Amazon, though. They say it signals a new trend in how corporations silence their opposition.      Read more...