News & Multimedia from 2017

The Takeaway: Chevron CEO Big Loser in Latest Canada Court Decision Over Ecuador Pollution Judgment

1 November 2017 | The Chevron Pit

The latest Canada decision can only be described as a powerful rebuke to Watson, Chevron General Counsel R. Hewitt Pate, and the company's army of Canadian lawyers who are being paid big bucks to obstruct and delay the case.     Read more...

Court Sets Aside Cash Order in Ecuadorians' Appeal of Chevron Decision

31 October 2017 | The Canadian Press

Ecuadorian villagers do not need to put up almost $1 million before they can pursue a claim against oil behemoth Chevron, Ontario's top court ruled Tuesday.     Read more...

Chevron Suffers Major Legal Setback As Canada Court Denies New Attempt to Block Ecuador Enforcement Action

Appeals Court: Indigenous Groups Should Not Have to Pay Legal Fees of Huge American Oil Company
31 October 2017 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Toronto, Canada - Oil major Chevron suffered a major legal setback today in the Ecuador pollution case when a three-judge appellate panel in Canada denied the company's attempt to force impoverished indigenous and farmer communities to pay its exorbitant legal fees in what was a clear attempt to kill off the historic litigation before it could be resolved.     Read more...

Ontario's Top Court Lifts Barrier to Epic Struggle Against Chevron

31 October 2017 | UDAPT and FOE Canada

Ottawa, Canada – Today, Ontario's top court reversed the decision of a lower court that ordered Ecuadorian villagers to put up almost a million dollars before moving ahead with their case against Chevron.     Read more...

Corte de Apelaciones de Canada da luz verde para continuar caso contra Chevron

La Corte de Apelaciones de Toronto levantó la solicitud de caución por alrededor de millón de dólares que, a petición de Chevron se quería imponer a los demandantes ecuatorianos para seguir litigando.
31 October 2017 | UDAPT

Quito, Ecuador – La decisión de la Corte de Apelaciones de Toronto permite a los ecuatorianos continuar el trámite de homologación de la sentencia ecuatoriana en contra de Chevron Corp, al levantar el pedido de caución de más de un millón de dólares canadienses a los demandantes de la Amazonía norte de Ecuador, para continuar con la acción de exequátur, lo que habría paralizado el juicio en contra de le petrolera en ese país, por la imposibilidad de obtener los recursos por parte de los indígenas y campesinos de Ecuador.     Read more...

Chevron Lawyer Larry Lowenstein Continues to Mislead Canadian Courts About Company's Fraud in Ecuador

16 October 2017 | The Chevron Pit

To help Chevron block enforcement of the Ecuador environment judgment in Canada, company lawyer and Osler partner Larry Lowenstein flat-out lied last week to a panel of three judges on the Ontario Court of Appeal in Toronto.     Read more...

Chevron vs. the Amazon: Public Lecture by Associate Professor Dr. John Minns

Presented by The Australian National Centre for Latin American Studies (ANCLAS) and the Embassy of Ecuador in Australia
13 October 2017 | Gas Prices

This talk looks at the legacy of oil production in the region and examines the political economy of oil in Ecuador, the environmental problems frequently caused and the difficulties raised by asymmetrical power relations between developing countries and first-world corporations.     Read more...

Us and Them: Affected Peoples vs. Chevron in Canada

12 October 2017 | Eye on the Amazon

"It's a fundamental question of whether corporations like Chevron should be allowed to use their financial muscle to destroy people with an absolutely vital claim to reparations for damages that were caused to them over many years."     Read more...

Oil Giant Chevron Needs No Costs Protection from Poor Ecuadorians, Court Told

11 October 2017 | The Canadian Press

Forcing a group of Ecuadorian villagers to come up with almost $1 million before they can pursue a claim against oil behemoth Chevron would deprive them of access to justice, Ontario's top court heard Wednesday.     Read more...

Standing with Ecuadorian Communities in Toronto Against Chevron: Serial Polluter and Corporate Criminal

10 October 2017 | Amazon Watch

Toronto, Canada - Toronto, Canada – Amazon Watch is in Toronto today to stand with the indigenous and campesino communities who have been the victims of Chevron's toxic waste for over five decades. We also denounce Chevron's abuse of the legal system to intimidate and harass its victims, as well as journalists, environmental and human rights organizations, and even concerned shareholders who have expressed support for a just resolution to one of the worst oil-related environmental disasters in history.     Read more...