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Organizations Call on Swiss National Bank To Use Its Proxy Votes at Chevron's Annual Meeting To Defend the Human and Environmental Rights

24 May 2017 | UDAPT

Quito, Ecuador – On the basis of the anti-Chevron campaign, several Swiss organizations have launched a call to the Swiss National Bank to request that it intervene in the Annual General Assembly of Chevron to vote in favor of climate, human rights and environmental resolutions.     Read more...

Chevron Creating Fake News To Hide Environmental Crimes in Ecuador's Amazon

23 May 2017 | The Chevron Pit

Chevron is again trying to spread fake news to try to distract attention from its environmental crimes and sham remediation in Ecuador, where the company is on the hook for a $9.5 billion liability and faces potential criminal prosecution for presenting fabricated evidence to a U.S. court.     Read more...

Journalist Roger Parloff Blows It Again Over Chevron's Ecuador Pollution Case

19 May 2017 | The Chevron Pit

Legal journalist Roger Parloff, recently dismissed by Fortune magazine, has resurfaced as a writer for Yahoo Finance. But one thing that hasn't changed is his dishonest and unbalanced reporting in favor of Chevron in the historic Ecuador pollution case where the company faces a huge liability for its toxic dumping in the rainforest.     Read more...

Will the Supreme Court Strike Down Chevron's Facially Corrupt RICO Case?

16 May 2017 | Huffington Post

The Supreme Court has one last chance to stop Chevron’s self-serving legal circus from becoming law of the land and a stain on U.S. legal history. It has a chance to do something to help the underlying human tragedy.     Read more...

Supreme Court Faces Major Test With Chevron's Facially Corrupt RICO Case

16 May 2017 | The Chevron Pit

An explosive new report that details how U.S. courts endorsed Chevron's fabricated evidence in its facially corrupt RICO case against Ecuadorian villagers presents a major test for the U.S. Supreme Court.     Read more...

New Report Details How U.S. Courts Endorsed Chevron's Fabricated Evidence in Historic Amazon Pollution Case

Ecuadorian Villagers and Counsel Slam Chevron's Star Witness for Lying and Offer Rebuttals To 12 False "Findings" by Second Circuit Court of Appeals
16 May 2017 | Amazon Defense Coalition (ADC)

New York, NY – A federal appellate court in New York ignored devastating new evidence that Chevron and its lawyers fabricated witness testimony and distorted key evidence when it affirmed an unprecedented decision designed to immunize the company from a historic $9.5 billion environmental liability in Ecuador, according to a new report called How U.S. Courts Got It Wrong In Chevron's Amazon Pollution Case.     Read more...

19 Scholars Urge U.S. Supreme Court To Condemn Chevron for Violating International Law in Amazon Pollution Case

In New Show of Support for Villagers, Experts Demand That Justices Throw Out Judge Kaplan's RICO Decision
10 May 2017 | Amazon Defense Coalition (ADC)

Washington, DC – Nineteen prominent law experts from several of the world's leading universities are urging the U.S. Supreme Court to throw out a highly controversial decision by a federal judge designed to immunize Chevron from a $9.5 billion liability in the Ecuador pollution case.     Read more...

Chevron's Illegal Payments To Witnesses Should Prompt Supreme Court To Reconsider Case

6 May 2017 | EarthRights International

For nearly three decades, Ecuadorian communities have tried to hold Texaco (now Chevron) accountable for the company's legacy of oil pollution in the Ecuadorian Amazon. The saga has stretched across the globe, across multiple court rooms and tribunals, and yet justice for the Ecuadorian victims remains elusive.     Read more...

"Chevron Was Just Fabricating a Lie To Get Out of Paying for a Cleanup"

5 May 2017 | CounterSpin

Janine Jackson interviewed Paul Paz y Miño about Chevron’s oil spill in Ecuador for the May 5, 2017 episode of CounterSpin.      Read more...

17 Environmental Groups Criticize Chevron Before Supreme Court for Faking Evidence

5 May 2017 | The Chevron Pit

Seventeen prominent environmental and human groups have blasted Chevron and its legal team before the U.S. Supreme Court for fabricating evidence in the historic Ecuador pollution case and for violating the Free Speech rights of the company's critics.     Read more...