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Judge In Chevron's Ecuador Case Suppresses Evidence of Oil Giant's Environmental Abuses

25 November 2013 | Gowen Group Law Office

New York, NY – Judge Lewis A. Kaplan, overseeing Chevron's RICO trial against Ecuadorian villagers and their lawyers, is suppressing critical witness testimony about Chevron's extensive contamination of Ecuador's rainforest that clearly demonstrates a $9.5 billion environmental judgment against the company is valid.     Read more...

Testifying Today: Steven Donziger & Ecuadorian Indigenous Leader Javier Piaguaje

15 November 2013 | Gowen Group Law Office

New York, NY – Taking the stand today will be Javier Piaguaje, one of the original "named plaintiffs" in the lawsuit against Chevron. Javier is a local leader from the Secoya indigenous community of San Pablo in the Ecuadorian Amazon, and has been involved in helping organize Secoya villagers and surrounding community members in their two decade-long efforts to hold Chevron accountable for the company's contamination throughout their ancestral lands.     Read more...

Donziger: Chevron's $9.5 Billion Ecuador Liability a "Profound" Accomplishment for Indigenous Groups

15 November 2013 | Gowen Group Law Office

New York, NY – The $9.51 billion environmental judgment against Chevron in Ecuador represents a "profound" historical accomplishment by indigenous groups and is based on valid scientific evidence that the oil company deliberately dumped billions of gallons of toxic waste into the rainforest, American lawyer Steven Donziger asserted in his proposed sworn written testimony turned over to Chevron this week.     Read more...

Ecuadorian Court Upholds $9 Billion Judgment Against Chevron

Meanwhile NY judge and Chevron team up to intimidate witnesses and lawyers in desperate retaliatory lawsuit
13 November 2013 | Amazon Watch

Quito, Ecuador – In a major setback for Chevron, the Ecuadorian National Court issued its long-awaited decision in favor of a $9 billion pollution judgment against Chevron upholding and affirming lower court rulings. The court's decision is final.     Read more...

Donziger, Ecuadorians File Motion to Strike Testimony of Chevron's Star Witness

30 October 2013 | Gowen Group Law Office

New York, NY – The testimony of Chevron's star witness in its New York RICO should be thrown out because he was bribed by the oil giant for his cooperation, according to a motion filed today before Judge Lewis A. Kaplan.     Read more...

Chevron Withdraws Key Element of RICO Charge Against Donziger

18 October 2013 | Gowen Group Law Office

New York, NY – With the first week of trial in Chevron’s RICO case over, it is becoming increasingly clear that the oil giant is facing significant hurdles as it attempts to salvage a verdict that will allow it to block international efforts to enforce the $19 billion Ecuador judgment.     Read more...

Chevron Retaliation Trial Opens Against Victims of Pollution in Ecuador

Protestors rally for justice in Ecuador; Decry Chevron’s abuses
14 October 2013 | Amazon Watch

New York, NY – Tomorrow (Tuesday) Ecuadorian villagers from the Amazon rainforest region ravaged by Chevron's oil contamination will join supporters for a large rally in Foley Square across from the courthouse where a trial will open in the California-based oil giant's retaliatory RICO lawsuit against the Ecuadorians and their U.S. based legal advocates.      Read more...

On Eve of Trial, Kaplan Further Restricts Rights of Donziger and Ecuadorians

11 October 2013 | Gowen Group Law Office

New York, NY – Judge Lewis A. Kaplan has finalized ground rules for Chevron’s RICO case that will allow him to limit the most important witnesses from testifying in open court and would bar New York attorney Steven Donziger from presenting the extensive evidence of Chevron’s pollution and corrupt activities in Ecuador.     Read more...

Donziger Files Motion for New Attorneys to Represent Him at Upcoming Trial

8 October 2013 | Gowen Group Law Office

New York, NY – Steven R. Donziger filed a motion today asking U.S. federal Judge Lewis A. Kaplan to allow him to be represented by two prominent lawyers in a bench trial involving Chevron’s racketeering case over an Ecuador environmental judgment.     Read more...

Chevron Launches New Effort to Deny Ecuadorians and Donziger a Fair Trial in RICO Case

3 October 2013 | Gowen Group Law Office

New York, NY – Chevron is now trying to bar any and all evidence of environmental contamination in Ecuador from its RICO case as part of a strategy to deny rainforest villagers and their New York attorney Steven Donziger a fair trial.     Read more...