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Cornered By Evidence, Chevron Resorts To Increasingly Desperate Measures In Ecuador

Chevron Lawyers Harass Independent Laboratory To Hide Their Own Illegal Sampling Analyses
22 March 2006 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron is resorting to increasingly desperate measures to cover its tracks in the landmark environmental trial in Ecuador in which the oil giant faces a $6 billion clean-up tab.     Read more...

Judge Expected to Rule on Validity of Chevron's Scientific Results After Lab Snafu

Chevron's U.S. Laboratory Operated Without Official Permit From Ecuadorian Government
15 March 2006 | Amazon Defense Coalition

The laboratory used by Chevron to analyze scientific evidence in a landmark environmental trial in Ecuador operated without official permits from the Ecuadorian authorities, potentially leading to another major setback for the oil giant in the closely watched legal case.     Read more...

300 Community Members Observe San Carlos Judicial Inspection in Ecuadorian Amazon

Military Blocks Community Participation
10 March 2006 | Amazon Watch

The first field inspection of 2006 by the judge in a landmark environmental lawsuit against Chevron in the Ecuadorian Amazon took place this week near San Carlos, a small rainforest town with skyrocketing rates of cancer.     Read more...

Chevron Faces Human Rights Questions in Ecuador Lawsuit, Warns Amazon Watch

6 March 2006 | Amazon Watch

Chevron faces serious questions about its human rights record in Ecuador's rainforest following a disturbing pattern of threats and corruption in a landmark environmental trial where the oil giant is a defendant, according to Amazon Watch, an environmental group monitoring the case.     Read more...

More Pressure On SEC To Investigate Chevron For Hiding Massive Environmental Liability In Rainforest

1 March 2006 | Amazon Watch

Chevron distorted the results of a court report in Ecuador to hide a multi-billion liability it faces in a landmark environmental trial in the Amazon over what locals dub the "Rainforest Chernobyl", Amazon Watch has informed the Securities and Exchange Commission in a follow-up letter to a complaint the environmental group lodged with the regulator last month.     Read more...

Two U.S. Senators Express Concern Over Chevron Lobbying Tactics In Nation's Capital

Sens. Leahy and Obama Ask USTR Not To Let Chevron Interfere In Ecuador Trade Talks
14 February 2006 | Amazon Watch

Already under fire for its record profits, Chevron is coming under increasing scrutiny in the nation's capital over its attempts to use U.S. trade negotiations with Ecuador to undermine a historic environmental lawsuit brought against the oil giant by residents of Ecuador's rainforest.     Read more...

Chevron Slammed in New Court Report for Leaving Toxins in Rainforest

After Fraud Complaint to SEC, Chevron Tries to "Spin" Shareholders with Misleading Press Bulletin
5 February 2006 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron has issued a press release misrepresenting the results of a court report in a historic trial that found life-threatening levels of toxic contamination at one of the company's well sites, say technical advisors to the Amazon Defense Coalition, the group representing 30,000 people suing the oil giant.     Read more...

Amazon Watch Asks SEC to Investigate Chevron Violations Over Ecuador Catastrophe

Management Hiding From Shareholders Potential Multi-Billion Dollar Legal Liability Over "Rainforest Chernobyl", Group Says
1 February 2006 | Amazon Watch

Amazon Watch today formally requested that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigate the Chevron Corp. for repeatedly failing to report in its SEC filings a potential multi-billion dollar liability arising from its massive toxic contamination of the Ecuadorian Amazon.     Read more...

Chevron Wins 2006 Corporate "Irresponsibility" Award In Davos For Contaminating Amazon

25 January 2006 | Amazon Watch

Chevron's troubled brand image took another battering today after the California-based oil giant won the 2006 Public Eye on Davos Award for corporate irresponsibility in the environment category during a ceremony coinciding with the Davos World Economic Forum.     Read more...

United Nations Demands Ecuador Protect Leaders of Lawsuit Against Chevron

Human Rights Official Calls for Rule of Law and Details of Police Probe
8 December 2005 | Amazon Watch

The United Nations has called on the Ecuadorian government to guarantee the safety of lawyers and leaders of a landmark environmental lawsuit against Chevron, following a series of threats and acts of harassment in recent weeks.     Read more...