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Oil Giant Chevron Needs No Costs Protection from Poor Ecuadorians, Court Told

11 October 2017 | The Canadian Press

Forcing a group of Ecuadorian villagers to come up with almost $1 million before they can pursue a claim against oil behemoth Chevron would deprive them of access to justice, Ontario's top court heard Wednesday.     Read more...

Standing with Ecuadorian Communities in Toronto Against Chevron: Serial Polluter and Corporate Criminal

10 October 2017 | Amazon Watch

Toronto, Canada - Toronto, Canada – Amazon Watch is in Toronto today to stand with the indigenous and campesino communities who have been the victims of Chevron's toxic waste for over five decades. We also denounce Chevron's abuse of the legal system to intimidate and harass its victims, as well as journalists, environmental and human rights organizations, and even concerned shareholders who have expressed support for a just resolution to one of the worst oil-related environmental disasters in history.     Read more...

Rocker Roger Waters Lends Star Power to Ecuadorians' $9.5B Chevron Fight

Rocker Roger Waters Lends Star Power to Ecuadorians' $9.5B Chevron Fight

10 October 2017 | The Canadian Press

Waters noted that Chevron had at one point said it would fight the litigation until hell froze over, and then fight on the ice. "When they said that all those years ago, we all shuddered at the hideousness of the statement. Well, we're on the ice now."     Read more...

Renowned Aboriginal Rights Lawyer Peter Grant Joining Case Against Chevron on Behalf of Ecuadorian Communities

10 October 2017 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Toronto, Canada - Peter Grant, the renowned Canadian aboriginal rights lawyer who recently helped to win a major case before the country's Supreme Court, is joining the legal team of indigenous groups in Ecuador who are moving to enforce a $12 billion environmental judgment against Chevron in Canadian courts.     Read more...

Greenpeace Founder Rex Weyler: Chevron Showing "Disrespect" in Canada Toward Amazon Indigenous Groups

8 October 2017 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Toronto, Canada - On the eve of a critical court hearing in Canada, Greenpeace Co-founder and author Rex Weyler harshly criticized Chevron for showing "hostility" and "disrespect" toward Amazon indigenous groups in Ecuador to whom the company owes a $9.5 billion environmental judgment after admitting to dumping billions of gallons of toxic waste onto their ancestral lands.     Read more...

International Legal Battle Between Chevron, Indigenous Ecuadorians Continues in Ontario Court

Appeal of order for $1M security fee from plaintiffs in Chevron case to be heard in Toronto Oct. 10
7 October 2017 | CBC News

A legal battle between Chevron and Indigenous villagers from Ecuador, spanning several decades and across three countries, is now playing out in Canada as Ontario courts consider whether to enforce foreign judgments here.     Read more...

Rex Weyler Denounces Chevron Attacks on Indigenous Victims

Rex Weyler, author, journalist, and a co-founder of Greenpeace, slammed oil giant Chevron for its attack on the indigenous victims of the company’s pollution in the Amazon rainforest
6 October 2017 | Greenpeace

"In fifty years of environmental work," said author and Greenpeace co-founder Rex Weyler, "I have never before witnessed a corporation treat it's victims with the hostility and disrespect shown by Chevron against the indigenous communities in the Amazon."     Read more...

Chevron "Unconscionable": Oil Giant Attempting to Block Indigenous Groups with Costs Order on Eve of Critical Court Hearing Over Company’s Pollution in Ecuador

Chevron lawyers trying to close courthouse doors in Canada to First Nations communities, say advocates
6 October 2017 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Toronto, Canada - Oil conglomerate Chevron, which faces a large environmental liability to indigenous groups in the Amazon after it dumped billions of gallons of toxic oil waste onto their ancestral lands, is being slammed by Canadian aboriginal leaders and environmentalists for trying to block a critical court hearing in Toronto by imposing a massive costs order on its impoverished adversaries.      Read more...

Canadian Indigenous Leaders Travel to See Ecuador Environmental Disaster

The group hopes to ally with 60 Indigenous tribes in Ecuador to help them fight Chevron in Canadian court
27 September 2017 | CBC News

Canadian Indigenous leaders witnessed first hand this week the devastation and pollution left behind by oil companies in Indigenous lands in Ecuador.     Read more...

Chevron Hit Hard In Canada: Major Indigenous Leaders Back Collection of $12b Ecuador Pollution Judgment

21 September 2017 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Toronto, Canada - In a blow to Chevron's prospects in the historic Ecuador pollution litigation, three major Canadian indigenous leaders and a co-founder of Greenpeace have announced they are joining with rainforest communities to force the oil major to comply with an Ecuador court order that it remediate damage caused by the deliberate dumping of billions of gallons of toxic waste in the Amazon region.     Read more...