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Street Beat: Chevron Shareholder Meeting Draws Critics from Frontline Communities

28 May 2015 | Free Speech Radio News

About 100 people including members of environmental and human rights’ groups and representatives from frontline communities in Ecuador, Nigeria, and the San Francisco Bay Area demonstrated Wednesday in front of Chevron’s annual shareholders meeting at its world headquarters in San Ramon, California.     Read more...

Protests Greet Shareholders at Chevron's Annual Meeting

27 May 2015 | KPFA Pacifica Evening News

The Pacifica Evening News interviews protesters outside of Chevron’s annual shareholders meeting at its world headquarters in San Ramon, California.     Read more...

Chevron's "Amazon Chernobyl" in Ecuador: The Real Irrefutable Truths About the Company's Toxic Dumping and Fraud

27 May 2015 | Huffington Post

More than 20 years ago, indigenous and farmer communities in Ecuador's Amazon went to court in the United States to seek compensation from Chevron for harm caused by the deliberate dumping of billions of gallons of toxic oil waste on their ancestral lands. I know: I was one of the American lawyers on the original complaint filed in federal court in Manhattan on November 3, 1993.     Read more...

Secoya Leader and Coalition Confront Chevron at Headquarters

26 May 2015 | Eye on the Amazon

Amazon Watch is proud to once again support Humberto Piaguaje, a longtime indigenous partner and courageous leader of the Secoya people in Ecuador, and a growing coalition of communities affected by Chevron's operations in denouncing the company's atrocious pattern of human rights abuses, environmental destruction and attacks on democracy at their annual shareholders meeting tomorrow in San Ramon, CA.      Read more...

Global Actions Demand Chevron Pay for Amazon Contamination

Organizers say the oil giant should pay the US$9.5 billion ordered by an Ecuadorean Court to victims of the company's contamination of the Amazon
21 May 2015 | TeleSur

Activists and organizers throughout the world are gathering Thursday for International #AntiChevron Day, calling on the oil company to pay for the environmental degradation caused in a number of countries, particularly in the South American nation of Ecuador.     Read more...

Chevron's "Ghostwriting" Charge Unraveling in Ecuador Pollution Case

5 May 2015 | Huffington Post

Chevron's "ghostwriting" charge against Ecuadorian villagers and their attorneys, who together have held the oil giant accountable for toxic dumping in the Amazon rainforest, is unraveling.     Read more...

Chevron Targets Journalist With Cyberattacks for Exposing Wrongdoing in Ecuador Case

1 May 2015 | The Chevron Pit

Chevron is trying to cyberbully a prominent American legal reporter as retaliation for his accurate and detailed coverage of the oil giant's recent courtroom setbacks in the Ecuador pollution case.     Read more...

Fortune Focuses on Brad Pitt While Ignoring Key Developments In Ecuador Pollution Case

29 April 2015 | The Chevron Pit

Roger Parloff's reporting for Fortune about Chevron's growing pollution liability in Ecuador – where he ignores devastating new evidence that the oil giant's defenses are unraveling – is on display yet again with a blog claiming that Brad Pitt has interest in making a movie about the litigation.     Read more...

Donny Rico Schools Chevron on How To "Be the Victim" in Ecuador

29 April 2015 | Eye on the Amazon

Chevron's retaliatory RICO case against the Ecuadorians and their lawyers would not have come about were it not for the generous suggestion of U.S. Federal Judge Lewis Kaplan. Chevron spent millions upon millions filing cases against the Ecuadorians everywhere other than Ecuador once the company saw the verdict was about to come down, but when they met Kaplan, they hit pay dirt.     Read more...

Can Ecuador Bring Chevron to Justice?

A US appeals court may decide fate of a $9.5 billion fine imposed on the company for environmental damage
24 April 2015 | Al Jazeera America

Judges in New York began hearing arguments in one of the biggest and longest-running environmental justice cases of all time. At stake is whether a developing country that happens to have oil can enforce its judgments against a multinational company. The results may tell Americans something about what the rule of law is worth in their own country.     Read more...