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Battle Over Amazonian Pollution Case Back in Court

Lawyers for Ecuadorian plaintiffs from an Amazon village are appealing a 2014 ruling in favor of Chevron
23 April 2015 | Al Jazeera America

"Caught in the middle and still standing there waiting for someone to come clean up the toxic waste are the 30,000 people affected in Ecuador," said Paul Paz y Miño, adding that 1,400 people have already died from cancer.     Read more...

Secret Tapes Reveal Greenies a Big Joke to Big Oil

22 April 2015 | WhoWhatWhy

Four years ago, an anonymous package was sent to Amazon Watch, an environmental activist group. It contained videos that seem to show something truly odd: Employees of a major oil company trying not to find oil – and having a chuckle about how hard that proves to be. Forty-five years since the first Earth Day environmentalism apparently remains a joke to some people.     Read more...

Chevron Still Seeking To Avoid Paying $9.5 Billion for Polluting the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador

Paul Paz y Miño of Amazon Watch says four years after Chevron was ordered by the highest court in Ecuador to pay $9.5 billion in damages to Amazon residents, it is still trying to outmaneuver and outspend in the NY Appellate Court
22 April 2015 | The Real News

"It's important to note Chevron and Texaco admitted during the first stage of this trial to deliberately discharging almost 16 billion gallons of toxic foundation water into the Ecuadorian Amazon over the course of their time as the sole operator there. There's no doubt whatsoever, and they don't contest, that they made the actual financial decision to dump toxic pollutants into what was the pristine Amazonian rainforest."     Read more...

An Environmental Battle in Ecuador Is Playing Out in US Court

For decades, Texaco (since bought by Chevron) polluted the Ecuadorian rain forest and has fought compensating residents
22 April 2015 | Al Jazeera America News

"These videos are essentially the smoking gun evidence that undermines Chevron's entire defense in Ecuador. They show Chevron's own employees admitting that toxic waste still exists in sites they swore they cleaned up." – Paul Paz y Miño, Amazon Watch Director of Outreach and Online Strategy     Read more...

Circuit Argument Probes Claim of Taint to Chevron Verdict

21 April 2015 | New York Law Journal

The multi-billion-dollar fight over whether Chevron should pay for environmental damages in Ecuador or whether that country's judicial system delivered a tainted verdict returned Monday to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.     Read more...

On Eve of Ecuador Pollution Trial, Chevron (Predictably) Stalls

20 April 2015 | AmericaBlog

As Chevron continues to flail and cry like a child who refuses to pick up his toys, the fraud allegations against the fundraising group that has been supporting not even the Ecuadorian villagers, but their foreign lawyers, amounted to nothing more than yet another tantrum designed to stall the legal process.     Read more...

NYC Retrial of Chevron Pollution Case Floated by 2nd Circuit Judge

20 April 2015 | Courthouse News Service

Already stretching more than two decades and three continents, the multibillion dollar litigation against Chevron for oil devastation to the Amazon may unexpectedly return to the place where it all began.     Read more...

Ecuadoreans' Lawsuit Against Chevron Might Need a U.S. Retrial, Judge Suggests

Judge Richard Wesley asked lawyers whether they would support a retrial of a 2011 ruling against the company by an Ecuadorean court
20 April 2015 | Wall Street Journal

A long-running legal fight between Chevron Corp. and residents in Ecuador may need yet another round in court, a federal appeals judge suggested on Monday.     Read more...

Chevron Continues Battle to Dodge $9bn Ecuador Compensation

The oil company is fighting to avoid the award made to 30,000 Ecuadorean citizens severely affected by the dumping billions of gallons of toxic waste in the Amazon.
20 April 2015 | TeleSur

Donziger's lawyer retorted that allowing the oil giant, which has spent years and hundreds of millions of dollars on trying to dodge the compensation claim, to launch an “impermissible collateral attack” on the ruling of Ecuadorean court set a dangerous precedent for the future.     Read more...

The Fight for Justice for Ecuador's Amazon Continues

19 April 2015 | Upside Down World

On April 20, U.S. attorney Steven Donziger will help defend one of the most historic class-action court judgments against a large corporation: Ecuador's Supreme Court decision in 2011 that holds Chevron liable for $9.6 billion of damages for environmental harms affecting an estimated 30,000 Amazonian people.     Read more...