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Court Expert Smacks Chevron With Up to $16 Billion in Damages for Polluting Indigenous Lands in Amazon

Independent Analysis Validates Most Claims of Plaintiffs In Long Ecuador Legal Battle, But Offers Compromise On Some Issues
2 April 2008 | Amazon Defense Coalition

In a long-awaited court report submitted as part of the final phase of a trial, an independent expert has proposed that Chevron pay a minimum of $7 billion and up to $16 billion to compensate for environmental contamination caused to Ecuador's Amazon rainforest during a 26-year period when the oil giant operated a large concession in the country.     Read more...

SEC Complaint Lodged Against Chevron for Hiding $10 Billion Liability in Ecuador

Chevron Misleads Investors, Says Amazon Watch
26 March 2008 | Amazon Watch

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was today urged to impose a "substantial" sanction on Chevron for misrepresenting facts to shareholders over a potential $10 billion liability resulting from a class-action environmental lawsuit in Ecuador's Amazon region.     Read more...

Chevron Accused of “Unethical Attacks” On Court-Appointed Special Master in Ecuador Environmental Trial

28 February 2008 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Representatives of thousands of Ecuadorians suing Chevron are charging the oil giant with "engaging in a pattern of extrajudicial attacks" on a court-appointed special master who is preparing a damages assessment against the company in a historic multi-billion dollar environmental trial in Ecuador's Amazon rainforest.     Read more...

City of Berkeley Votes to Boycott Chevron

Resolution Cites Controversial Human Rights Record and "Severe Ecological Destruction" in Amazon Rainforest
30 January 2008 | Amazon Watch

Berkeley City Council is to boycott Chevron products and services, citing the San Ramon-based oil major's controversial global environmental and human rights record.     Read more...

Ecuadorian Rainforest Communities Send Message to the World: Save Yasuni National Park from Devastation by Oil Industry

Aerial Images To Air During Live Earth Concert Broadcasts
6 July 2007 | Amazon Watch

Indigenous communities from Yasuni National Park, home to some of the most biodiverse primary tropical rainforest on the planet, sent a message to the world today pleading to save the park from devastation by the oil industry.     Read more...

Chevron Using Unethical Tactics to Avoid Judgment In $10 Billion Rainforest Trial

Series of Legal Setbacks In Ecuador Haunt Company; Charges of Fabricating Evidence
28 August 2007 | Amazon Defense Coalition

After a stunning series of legal reversals, Chevron is being accused by Amazon indigenous leaders of risking major corporate governance problems by fabricating evidence and engaging in a "campaign of intimidation" in Ecuador to derail a rainforest pollution trial as it nears completion.     Read more...

Court Expert's Office Burglarized During Calculation of Damages Against Chevron

Spotlight on Chevron as Official Warns His Life is in Danger
19 December 2007 | Amazon Watch

The office of a court-appointed expert tasked with calculating the damages against Chevron (formerly Texaco) for dumping 18 billion gallons of toxic wastewater into the Ecuadorian Amazon has been robbed of information relating to the case.     Read more...

Thompson Demands Chevron Review International Environmental Practices

14 December 2007 | New York City Pension Funds

New York City Comptroller William C. Thompson, Jr., acting on behalf of the New York City Pension Funds, has submitted a shareholder resolution insisting that Chevron Corporation of San Ramon, CA review its environmental policies and procedures.     Read more...

Pablo Fajardo Wins CNN Hero Award

7 December 2007 | Amazon Watch

Pablo Fajardo, the lead lawyer for the 30,000 plaintiffs in the landmark environmental lawsuit against Chevron (formerly Texaco) in Ecuador has won the CNN Hero award, in the Fighting for Justice category.     Read more...

Indigenous Group Sues Chevron For Defamation Over Bogus Military Report

Alleges Chevron Gave Ecuadorian Army False Information to Halt Environmental Trial
14 November 2007 | Amazon Watch

Members of the indigenous Cofan people of the Ecuadorian Amazon filed a lawsuit yesterday against Chevron for allegedly pressuring a member of the Ecuadorian military to produce an intelligence report that defamed their reputation and caused the suspension of a critical field inspection in a larger, landmark environmental lawsuit against the oil major.     Read more...