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Top Ten List of Chevron's Most Outrageous Comments on Its Ecuador Disaster

17 February 2015 | The Chevron Pit

Once evidence emerged that their client was guilty of dumping billions of gallons of toxic waste in Ecuador's rainforest, Chevron's gargantuan "team" of lawyers and consultants just couldn't seem to stop stepping on themselves.     More »

American Lawyer's Michael Goldhaber Under Fire Again for Biased Coverage of Ecuador Case

9 February 2015 | The Chevron Pit

The ethics of American Lawyer reporter Michael Goldhaber are under fire – yet again – for his one-sided coverage in favor of Chevron in the Ecuador pollution dispute.     More »

In Davos, Chevron Crowned Worst Corporation of the Year for Ecuador Disaster

23 January 2015 | The Chevron Pit

Chevron's battered image over its Ecuador disaster has taken another big hit – this time in Davos in front of the world's political and policy elite attending the World Economic Forum. That's where Chevron CEO John Watson was crowned today with the humiliating Public Eye award given annually to the world's worst corporation.     More »

Chevron Given Public Eye Award for Ecuador Oil Damages

23 January 2015 | SWI

The petroleum giant Chevron has received the most tongue-in-cheek designation in Davos: the Public Eye Lifetime Award, given to the company with the worst record when it comes to human rights and protecting the planet.     More »

And the Lifetime Award for Shameful Corporate Behavior Goes to... Chevron

23 January 2015 | Common Dreams

As global elites gather in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum, the oil giant Chevron was singled out on Friday for a highly competitive – if unflattering – international distinction: the Public Eye Lifetime Award for its extraordinary corporate irresponsibility, which includes monumental environmental destruction in northern Ecuador.     More »

Courts Deep-Six Details of Chevron's Relationship to Shady Characters in Cover-Up of Ecuador Environmental Disaster

21 January 2015 | Huffington Post

After more than two decades of litigation, Chevron continues to protect a series of shady characters who have been instrumental in trying to sabotage a legal case brought by indigenous groups over environmental damage in Ecuador's rainforest.     More »

Steven Donziger's Withering Critique of Chevron's General Counsel Appears in American Lawyer Publication

15 January 2015 | Daily Report

The recent speech by Chevron General Counsel Hewitt Pate on the Ecuador environmental case omits critical facts related to the company’s $9.5 billion liability. Mr. Pate fails to explain that Chevron’s "lifetime of litigation" strategy in Ecuador seeks to evade a court order that the company remediate a horrendous ecological disaster that is harming thousands of vulnerable people.      More »

30,000 Ecuadorians Want Canada to Take $10 Billion from Chevron to Clean Up the Amazon

13 January 2015 | VICE

In what may well be one of the world's more complex and far-reaching lawsuits, the legal battle between 47 Ecuadorians, represented by their dogged American lawyer, and one of the world's biggest oil companies has stretched into its second decade. And the venue for one of its most important showdown is, surprisingly, Canada.     More »

In Letter to Obama, Congressman Described Chevron's Degradation in Ecuador

12 January 2015 | The Chevron Pit

In the extraordinary history of the campaign to hold Chevron accountable for despoiling Ecuador's rainforest, numerous outsiders have traveled to the affected area to bear witness. Few have been more eloquent upon return than Rep. James McGovern of Massachusetts.     More »

Chevron's 12-Step Program to Obtain Impunity for Its Crimes and Abuses in Ecuador

18 December 2014 | The Chevron Pit

Why has Chevron still not paid up for its destruction of Ecuador's ecosytem after 22 years of litigation? And why has Chevron still not paid a dollar directly to those affected by its pollution in Ecuador when BP voluntarily put up $20 billion to compensate victims within weeks of its much less impactful Gulf oil spill in the United States?     More »