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Appeals Court to Consider Removing Key U.S. Judge in Chevron-Ecuador Case

29 August 2013 | The Chevron Pit

A New York appellate court has said it will consider a petition to reassign federal judge Lewis A. Kaplan from an Ecuador environmental case that resulted in a $19 billion judgment against Chevron.      More »

Chevron: The NSA of the Corporate World?

23 August 2013 | The Chevron Pit

For anyone interested in how our national surveillance state and leading U.S. corporations work in lockstep, look no further than what Chevron is doing to spy on the critics of its environmental atrocities and human rights violations in Ecuador.      More »

Chevron Getting the Jitters Over Its RICO Case

Shaky Evidence and Appellate Court Scrutiny Starting to Disrupt Company’s Master Plan
20 August 2013 | The Chevron Pit

In an otherwise routine scheduling conference recently before Judge Lewis A. Kaplan, Gibson Dunn lawyer Randy Mastro suggested the oil giant was prepared to drop all damages claims against the Ecuadorians and their counsel, Steven Donziger, just to avoid a jury trial.     More »

Lawyer Who Beat Chevron in Ecuador Faces Trial of His Own

30 July 2013 | The New York Times

"I have admiration for anyone who is willing to take on a rich, powerful oil company," said Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club."And to do it for more than two decades is either crazy or impressive and probably both."     More »

Federal Judge Grants Chevron Access to Private Internet Data

29 July 2013 | The Huffington Post

"Chevron fought particularly hard to enforce two extremely broad and invasive subpoenas against Amazon Watch, which has been running the Clean Up Ecuador Campaign for a decade."     More »

Court Gives Chevron Access to Nine Years of Americans' Email Metadata

22 July 2013 | TechDirt

Leaving aside the fact that the court thinks it's okay to do this even if it's just "non-Americans" who have their privacy violated here, Mother Jones points out that this claim that it only targeted non-Americans isn't, in fact, true. Pesky details.     More »

Court: Chevron Can Seize Americans' Email Data

In an almost unprecedented decision, a federal judge has allowed Chevron to subpoena Americans' private email data – and said the First Amendment doesn't apply.
22 July 2013 | Mother Jones

Thanks to disclosures made by Edward Snowden, Americans have learned that their email records are not necessarily safe from the National Security Agency – but a new ruling shows that they're not safe from big oil companies, either.     More »

Judge Lewis A. Kaplan Socks Ecuador Indigenous Groups With Huge Bills for His "Special Master" Friends

The Disturbing Story of the Secret Invoices of Max Gitter and Theodore Katz
16 July 2013 | The Chevron Pit

Judge Kaplan has socked impoverished indigenous groups in Ecuador with the exorbitant and secret bills of two "Special Masters" he appointed to oversee depositions in the case.     More »

Chevron Granted Access to Environmental Activists' Email Accounts

Is oil giant Chevron trying to stifle criticism of its Ecuadorian oil drilling operations by accessing private email accounts of critics?
15 July 2013 | The Guardian

Oil giant Chevron has been granted access to "more than 100 email accounts, including environmental activists, journalists, and attorneys" involved in a long-running dispute involving damage "caused by oil drilling" in Ecuador.     More »

Judge Approves Chevron Subpoena of Private Internet Info

11 July 2013 | Democracy Now!

A federal judge has approved a request by the oil giant Chevron to subpoena the personal Internet information of more than 100 people, including environmental activists, journalists and lawyers.     More »