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Judge Lewis A. Kaplan Allowing Chevron to Use Secret Witnesses Against Ecuadorians and Donziger

Decision Compared to "Spanish Inquisition" and "Star Chamber"
17 May 2013 | The Chevron Pit

Judge Kaplan is now routinely entertaining Chevron motions to deny the Ecuadorians and Donziger the right to know the identities of witnesses the oil giant plans to use against them.     More »

Million Dollar Fee Denounced for Chevron Mediator Against Ecuador

15 May 2013 | Prensa Latina

Quito, Ecuador – The mediator that presided over the case against Chevron-Texaco in Ecuador charged nearly a million dollars in fees, reported the Andes agency today, citing the Cecilia Olivet report, "When Injustice is a Business."     More »

In Rare Occurrence, Chevron's CEO & Chair, John Watson, Will Be Deposed

14 May 2013 | The Chevron Pit

Stop the presses! Even though he has characterized every aspect of Ecuador – its people, culture, government and courts – as corrupt, dysfunctional or a joke, U.S. Judge Lewis Kaplan finally ruled in favor of a motion filed by a group of Ecuadorians and their U.S. legal adviser. The Ecuadorians may depose the oil giant's CEO and Chair, John Watson.       More »

NBC Nightly News Airs Segment on Indigenous Peoples' Fight in Ecuador

9 May 2013 | The Chevron Pit

NBC Nightly News' Ann Curry recently returned from Ecuador with this account of how impoverished indigenous groups in the Amazon rainforest are preparing to fight – literally and metaphorically – their government's efforts to explore for oil on their native, pristine lands.     More »

2,000 Lawyers Failed to Block Chevron CEO John Watson from Court Deposition on Ecuador Case

8 May 2013 | The Chevron Pit

After spending hundreds of millions of dollars for 2,000 lawyers and legal assistants to fight a group of impoverished Ecuadorian indigenous people in a historic oil contamination lawsuit, Chevron's CEO and Chairman of the Board John Watson will finally have to answer questions under oath about the environmental crimes committed by an oil company he recommended Chevron purchase.      More »

Chevron CEO Can't Avoid Questioning in Ecuador Fraud Case

7 May 2013 | Bloomberg

Chevron lost a bid to stop Chief Executive Officer John Watson from being questioned by the attorney the company is suing over claims he committed fraud to win a $19 billion verdict in a pollution case in Ecuador.     More »

U.S. Judge Kaplan "Open to Fair Criticism" For Driving Up Ecuadorians' Court Costs

6 May 2013 | The Chevron Pit

Lawyer blogger Ted Folkman of the law firm Murphy & King had three interesting observations in his latest blog about the motion by Steven Donziger's lawyer and the Ecuadorians' lawyers to withdraw from their defense in Chevron's U.S. effort to block enforcement of the $19 billion Ecuador judgment against the oil giant for massive oil contamination.     More »

Statement of Steven Donziger Regarding Withdrawal of Counsel from Ecuador Case

6 May 2013 | The Chevron Pit

"The historic judgment won by Ecuadorian rainforest communities against Chevron is not about me – nor is it about the United States. As Chevron itself recognized two decades ago when it demanded that the trial be heard in Ecuador, the litigation is about contamination in Ecuador, the suffering of the indigenous and farmer communities in Ecuador, and it is now about a judgment rendered against Chevron in Ecuador that has been affirmed on appeal in Ecuador."     More »

Dumb Chevron Lawyer Tapes Himself Offering a Bribe in Ecuador

1 May 2013 | The Chevron Pit

Chevron apparently got caught with its hand in the cookie jar again in its long-running campaign to weasel out of its $19 billion legal obligation in Ecuador. Only this time the company tripped all over itself, producing a tape in federal court made by company lawyer Andres Rivero that can only be described as staggering in its stupidity.     More »

On Oil Disasters: BP Took Responsibility; Chevron Hired Lawyers To Escape Justice

24 April 2013 | The Chevron Pit

When I read the affidavit of my friend Douglas Beltman – who has been one of the scientists who spoke out against Chevron’s deliberate toxic dumping in Ecuador’s Amazon – I knew his testimony about the pollution and its impact had been coerced by Chevron.     More »