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Telling The Truth About Chevron in Ecuador

16 January 2013 | The Chevron Pit

It's no conspiracy, says Paul Paz y Miño of Amazon Watch in his blog about the subpoena Chevron served on Amazon Watch, one of the most effective environmental advocacy organizations in the country. It's truth telling, and, last time we checked, that wasn't against the law.     More »

For U.S. Judge Lewis Kaplan, The Show Trial Must Go On

12 January 2013 | The Chevron Pit

For a real stinker in the federal judiciary, look no further than how New York federal judge Lewis A. Kaplan is desperately trying to protect Chevron from having to pay its $19 billion environmental liability in Ecuador. Once again, Kaplan is trying to act as the world's judicial police from his Manhattan courtroom.

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Served by Chevron, and It Just Warms Us Up

24 December 2012 | Eye on the Amazon

When a giant corporation like Chevron bothers to subpoena a small nonprofit like Amazon Watch, we know our actions are hitting hard. At that moment, I knew we had been doing something right.     More »

Star Witness Backfires Against Chevron

19 December 2012 | The Chevron Pit

Chevron’s new “witness” in the Ecuador case, Fernando Reyes, is the latest in a long line of company operatives whose comments have backfired against the oil giant in the long-running environmental litigation in Ecuador.     More »

New York State Comptroller DiNapoli Hits Back at Chevron over Ecuador

DiNapoli calls Chevron’s ethical complaint "baseless"
19 December 2012 | Responsible Investor

Thomas DiNapoli, who as New York State Comptroller is the trustee of the state's $150.3 billion retirement fund, has dismissed a complaint filed against him by Chevron which alleges that he received campaign funds for urging the firm to settle its legal battle with Ecuador over pollution in the country's rainforest. "This is a baseless attempt by big oil to intimidate me and it won't work, DiNapoli said.     More »

Chevron's Self-Deluded CEO John Watson

13 December 2012 | The Chevron Pit

Shareholders can now reasonably question whether Chevron CEO John Watson is fit to lead America’s second-largest energy company. Increasingly, Watson is acting like a palace dictator surrounded by yes men who only deliver good news as the streets rage in protest.     More »

Chevron Aims at an Activist Shareholder

8 December 2012 | The New York Times

Public corporations routinely tell shareholders that their views matter. So it might seem odd that last month Chevron subpoenaed one of its investors, Trillium Asset Management, which has sponsored numerous shareholder proposals at Chevron over the years.     More »

Ecuador's President Says Chevron Needs to Abide by Court Ruling

4 December 2012 | Dow Jones Newswires

Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa said Tuesday that Chevron needs to abide by a court order requiring it to pay $19 billion to indigenous groups after it lost a suit involving environmental-damage claims in Ecuador.     More »

Top Latin America Analyst Says $19 Billion Ecuador Judgment Will Be Enforced Against Chevron

3 December 2012 | The Chevron Pit

An influential Latin America investor analyst this week concluded that the $19 billion Ecuador judgment “will be enforced” and only “risk tolerant investors” with a long-term investment plans should buy Chevron’s stock. The title of the report: Chevron, A Dividend Champion In Trouble.     More »

Ontario Should Recognize Ecuadorean Ruling Against Chevron: Lawyer

30 November 2012 | The Globe and Mail

"These plaintiffs have waited 20 years for this, to get this judgment," Mr. Lenczner told Mr. Justice David Brown of the Ontario Superior Court.     More »