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Contested Tales of Life in Ecuador's Indigenous Oil-Rich Oriente Region

18 March 2014 | Courthouse News Service

The story of 78-year-old Manuel Salinas has been one of the most visible, heartbreaking and contested tales of the life in the oil-producing region of Ecuador's Oriente region.     More »

In the Chevron Court Case, Ordinary Ecuadorians' Voices Don't Seem to Count

Chevron is reluctant to give ground to the people affected by the dumping of toxic waste. But they're not going to stop fighting for compensation.
18 March 2014 | The Guardian

The Chevron case is something of a parable in two ways: first, it is a lesson about the incandescent response of multinational corporations to any questioning of them; second, it's a reminder how little the voices of campesinos (peasant farmers) and indigenous people in Latin America seem to count in the eyes of the companies that want to make use of their land.     More »

Hell Will Freeze Over Before Chevron Pays for Pollution

7 March 2014 | VICE

Environmental groups believe this ruling has far-reaching implications beyond the Amazon, though. They say it signals a new trend in how corporations silence their opposition.      More »

Seeking Justice in Ecuador

5 March 2014 | Huffington Post

It is not my place, nor my expertise, to opine on the legal matters involved. I am nonetheless compelled, principally because of the suffering of humble, dignified people I have witnessed in Ecuador at the hands of an American company, to say that Chevron's legal and public relations tactics in this case constitute a grave injustice.     More »

Chevron Compensates Victims of PA Gas Explosion: With Pizza

After a fatal gas well explosion in Pennsylvania earlier this month, Chevron adds insult to injury by giving local families coupons for pizza and soda.
20 February 2014 | MintPress

The pizza coupons are the company's "token of appreciation" for residents after an explosion on Feb. 11 in the rural community of Bobtown, Penn., sparked a fire that burned for about five days, killed one employee and injured another.     More »

BusinessWeek Demonstrates Why It's Better for Your Lawyers to Believe in Your Case

20 February 2014 | EarthRights International

Barrett has done us a service in confirming that, according to Gibson Dunn, Chevron allowed their lawyers to argue against them in another case. So Gibson Dunn may not be unethical, but Chevron might be a little stupid. Barrett also conveniently overlooks the fact that Gibson Dunn is not simply taking different positions in different cases - it's arguing against Chevron's position in another case that, because it is at the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, will be binding on the lower court deciding the Chevron case.     More »

Chevron: "Let Them Eat Pizza!"

19 February 2014 | Eye on the Amazon

In a move that would make Montgomery Burns proud, Chevron "apologized" to the community for the massive explosion of their fracking well in rural Pennsylvania by offering each affected family a coupon for a free pizza.     More »

Chevron Claims Political Cartoons Are Extortion

"I'm honored they feel injured by the cartoon," the Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist said.
18 February 2014 | MintPress

Earlier this month, Pulitzer Prize winning political cartoonist Mark Fiore shared on his personal website that Chevron filed court documents saying it was "injured" by a cartoon Fiore had created with Amazon Watch.     More »

Conoce a Donziger

Por defender la Amazonia, está demandado por un gigante corporativo.
17 February 2014 | VICE

Este caso es parte de una lucha social. Las comunidades de Ecuador están luchando, no solamente contra Chevron, sino contra quinientos años de historia en América Latina. Y eso, realmente, es lo que está en el fondo de este caso. Los conquistadores nunca entregan sus privilegios voluntariamente: hay que luchar.     More »

We Will Never Forget

14 February 2014 | Eye on the Amazon

Justice delayed is justice denied. For the sake of Maria Aguinda and thousands more like her, let us today re-commit to fighting until the people of the Ecuadorian Amazon get the relief they have sought for too long already.     More »