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Chevron Granted Access to Environmental Activists' Email Accounts

Is oil giant Chevron trying to stifle criticism of its Ecuadorian oil drilling operations by accessing private email accounts of critics?
15 July 2013 | The Guardian

Oil giant Chevron has been granted access to "more than 100 email accounts, including environmental activists, journalists, and attorneys" involved in a long-running dispute involving damage "caused by oil drilling" in Ecuador.     More »

Judge Approves Chevron Subpoena of Private Internet Info

11 July 2013 | Democracy Now!

A federal judge has approved a request by the oil giant Chevron to subpoena the personal Internet information of more than 100 people, including environmental activists, journalists and lawyers.     More »

In "Chilling" Ruling, Chevron Granted Access to Activists' Private Internet Data

"Sweeping" subpoena violates rights of those who spoke out against oil giant's devastating actions in Ecuador
11 July 2013 | Common Dreams

The US government is not the only entity who, with judicial approval, is amassing massive amounts of personal information against their so-called enemies. A federal judge has ruled to allow Chevron to collect the IP usage records and identity information for email accounts owned by over 100 environmental activists, journalists and attorneys.     More »

Chevron Shows the NSA How to Spy

A judge's decision that the First Amendment doesn't protect anonymous speech gives the oil company a big win
9 July 2013 |

According to a new ruling by a U.S. District Court judge, if you want to be anonymous, you give up your right to have your speech protected by the First Amendment. That's the alarming gist of Judge Lewis Kaplan's decision to give Chevron wide-ranging subpoena powers over the metadata associated with around 100 email accounts.     More »

Judge: Chevron Can Access Its Critics' Private User Information

8 July 2013 | EarthRights International

Kaplan’s decision upheld Chevron’s sweeping subpoena with an argument that is as breathtaking as the subpoena itself. According to Judge Kaplan, none of the accountholders could benefit from First Amendment protections since the accountholders had “not shown that they were U.S. citizens.”     More »

Chevron Suffers Major Setback in Ecuador Case as Court Freezes $96 Million in Assets

CEO Watson Forced To Testify Under Oath
8 July 2013 | The Chevron Pit

The asset freeze represents a major setback for Chevron, which has refused to pay the Ecuador judgment even though it promised to do so when it fought to move the trial to the South American nation.     More »

Chevron Cozies Up with Judge, Censors Blog

8 July 2013 | Eye on the Amazon

In another baldfaced example of bias, Judge Kaplan is letting Chevron maintain "confidential" a series of damning internal videos that prove the company committed a massive fraud in Ecuador by hiding evidence of contamination.     More »

Karmic Justice: Chevron CEO Deposed

28 June 2013 | Eye on the Amazon

Twelve years ago Amazon Watch's Atossa Soltani and affected communities in Ecuador urged Chevron not to purchase Texaco. Leading the charge to buy Texaco was John Watson, who is now Chevron's CEO.     More »

Appeals Court Asks Judge Kaplan to Defend Bizarre Rulings in Ecuador Pollution Case

26 June 2013 | The Chevron Pit

In a move that has raised eyebrows around the New York bar, the state’s highest federal appellate court last week gave Judge Kaplan 30 days to file papers defending his unprecedented rulings in a “fraud” case Chevron has brought in New York.      More »

Ecuadorian Locals Still Seeking Damages from Chevron for Environmental Damage

17 June 2013 | Public Radio International

Despite winning a long court battle, Ecuadorian plaintiffs seeking repayment for environmental destruction have been unable to collect from Chevron, the company the indigenous people and their lawyers blame for the leaked oil contaminating the land and water.     More »