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Holding Chevron Accountable

What will it take for the energy giant to pay out the billions of dollars it owes for the pollution of the Amazon?
28 November 2012 | Al Jazeera

After decades of oil drilling, they have seen their land destroyed, and their waters polluted. But members of Ecuador's indigenous communities have yet to see a single penny for the damage inflicted on their lives by Chevron and its subsidiary, Texaco.     More »

Chevron Ignores Safety Standards At California Refinery Where 19 Fires, Spills & Explosions Have Occurred Since 1989

28 November 2012 | The Chevron Pit

About 4,800 Richmond, California residents have sued Chevron for negligence at an oil refinery and putting them at risk by not issuing public health warnings immediately after a recent explosion, the 19th disaster to have occurred at the refinery since 1989.     More »

Chevron Is Newly Concerned About Politicians Being Influenced by Money

21 November 2012 | Grist

We now have an example of irony that will stand the test of time. Chevron has filed a complaint against the comptroller of New York, suggesting that he was unduly influenced to criticize the company due to campaign contributions he received.     More »

A Race For Time? Chevron Desperate to Extort Its Way Out of Paying $19 Billion Ecuador Judgment

20 November 2012 | The Chevron Pit

Chevron is trying to scare Argentina government officials by saying its subsidiaries there will go bankrupt and, as a result, have to close down its operations unless, of course, the government pressures the courts to unfreeze their assets. Or, in other words, extortion: If you don't tell your courts how to rule, we'll shut down our investments.     More »

Gibson Dunn, Chevron Suffer Another Devastating Setback In $19 Billion Ecuador Case

19 November 2012 | The Chevron Pit

The U.S. law firm Gibson Dunn & Crutcher is getting hit with a new round of hurt because of its bungling of Chevron’s Ecuador environmental case.     More »

Did President Obama & His Justice Department Extort Money From BP?

16 November 2012 | The Chevron Pit

Based on legal arguments being made in a U.S. court, Chevron would have you believe so. Chevron has accused the Ecuadorian indigenous groups and their lawyers suing the oil giant for massive oil contamination in the Amazon rainforest of extorting money from the company by applying pressure on its executives to settle.     More »

BP Held Accountable for Deaths & Oil Spill; Chevron Remains Fugitive from Justice

15 November 2012 | The Chevron Pit

Today BP got hit with four arrests for manslaughter and lying to Congress and $3 to $5 billion in federal fines for the ACCIDENTAL oil spill that resulted in 11 deaths and an estimated $40 billion plus in damages to individuals and local businesses. This news is in stark contrast to the legal battle against Chevron for massive oil contamination in Ecuador.     More »

Chevron's Latest "Defense" in Ecuador Case: Hide Assets in Subsidiaries

12 November 2012 | The Chevron Pit

After a dreadful series of legal setbacks, it sure didn't take long for Chevron to come up with a new tricked-up defense to evade the $19 billion Ecuador environmental judgment. Like Chevron's many other failed defenses in the Ecuador case, this one won't wash either.     More »

Shareholder Shocker: Chevron's Assets Frozen in Argentina

9 November 2012 | Eye on the Amazon

The internet exploded Wednesday with news that an Argentinian judge ordered seizure of Chevron's in-country assets in what could be the first of many rulings enforcing a $19 billion judgment from an Ecuadorian court.     More »

Chevron Assets Frozen in Argentina over Ecuador Case

7 November 2012 | AFP

Buenos Aires, Argentina – An Argentine judge on Wednesday froze Chevron's assets at the request of a court in Ecuador, where the oil giant was ordered to pay $19 billion for environmental damage from years of unchecked pollution in the Amazon attributed to Texaco Petroleum, which Chevron acquired in 2001.     More »