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How Chevron Squanders Big Bucks on Ecuador Case

28 September 2012 | The Chevron Pit

In a sickening example of overkill that might explain why people hate the legal profession, Chevron recently reported that it has employed 41 different law firms and almost 500 lawyers and legal assistants to fight the indigenous groups in Ecuador.     More »

Dishonest Reporting: Fortune's Roger Parloff Delivers A Hit Job for Chevron

27 September 2012 | The Chevron Pit

Fortune writer Roger Parloff has used dishonest reporting to help Chevron cover its tracks in the wake of its horrific human rights disaster in Ecuador – a disaster where Chevron admitted that predecessor company Texaco deliberately dumped more than 16 billion gallons of toxic waste into the water supply of rainforest indigenous groups as a cost-saving measure, and then tried to cover up this crime with a sham remediation and attempted bribes to the Ecuadorian government to kill off the lawsuit seeking compensation.     More »

Law and Order: Chevron's Criminal Intent

25 September 2012 | Eye on the Amazon

If Chevron is brazen and arrogant enough to deceive regulators in 2012, in the state with arguably the toughest environmental standards in the US, then imagine what it was doing in the remote Ecuadorian rainforest from 1964-1990.     More »

Chevron Faces U.S. Criminal Investigation For Lying About Toxic Gas Flaring

24 September 2012 | The Chevron Pit

More evidence of the cultural rot deep within Chevron's management structure has surfaced with a devastating new report in the San Francisco Chronicle that the company is now under a criminal investigation for lying to authorities over toxic gas flaring at its Bay Area refinery.     More »

How Chevron Lies to U.S. Courts

Gibson Dunn's Randy Mastro Continues His Mobster Approach to Ecuador Litigation
11 September 2012 | The Chevron Pit

Chevron's lead outside lawyer on the Ecuador environmental litigation, Randy Mastro, always plays fast and loose with the facts. Now he has been caught in another outright deception, with U.S. courts as the victim.     More »

Lawyer for Ecuadorians Turns the Tables On Chevron and Sues Oil Giant

Chevron: Can you handle the truth about your crimes in Ecuador?
22 August 2012 | The Chevron Pit

Lawyer Steven Donziger is going after Chevron, its CEO John Watson, and its General Counsel R. Hewitt Pate for orchestrating a campaign to evade paying a $19 billion judgment in Ecuador by targeting and defaming Donziger and other members of the legal team.     More »

Extortion Claims Abound in Chevron's Ecuadorean Quagmire

20 August 2012 | Courthouse News

A lawyer who helped land a $19 billion judgment against Chevron in Ecuador has now lobbed extortion counterclaims against the oil giant for its efforts to discredit the verdict.     More »

From Ecuador to Richmond to Nigeria, Chevron Flouts Safety, Lacks Respect for Communities Where It Operates

13 August 2012 | The Huffington Post

Want to understand the back story for Chevron's latest environmental disaster in Richmond, California? Read about how Chevron essentially forced 154 of its Nigerian workers to jump from a smoking oil rig minutes before it exploded and then watch this video about Chevron's devastating human rights violations and fraudulent cover-up in Ecuador.     More »

From Ecuador to Richmond to Nigeria, Greedy Chevron Lacks Respect for Communities Where It Operates

Flouts Safety in Backyard, Imagine What It Does in Places Where Few Are Watching
9 August 2012 | The Chevron Pit

Chevron's marketing mantra – we respect the communities where we operate – is an advertising industry joke. The mantra should say: Chevron promises it will always act as if it is above the law in the communities where it operates.     More »

Chevron Faces Midnight Deadline in $19 Billion Ecuador Judgment

6 August 2012 | Environment News Service

Lago Agrio, Ecuador – U.S. oil giant Chevron has until midnight tonight to pay a US$19.04 billion Ecuador court judgment for polluting Amazon waterways or officially default and face another lawsuit to seize its assets, this time in Ecuador. Such collection lawsuits are pending against Chevron in Canada and Brazil.     More »