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Corporation Responsible for Worst Oil-Related Disaster on Earth Sponsors Nonprofits Conference

Chevron Continues PR Campaign to Mask Human Rights Abuses in Ecuador
27 August 2009 | Amazon Watch

San Francisco – Chevron, a company facing widespread criticism by many Bay Area organizations for human rights abuses and environmental destruction, is the primary sponsor of CompassPoint's "Nonprofit Day".      More »

Groundbreaking Film CRUDE Nominated for "Best Documentary" at the 24th Imagen Awards

20 August 2009 | Amazon Watch

Amazon Watch has launched a special campaign to promote CRUDE, Joe Berlinger’s award-winning documentary film that chronicles the epic battle to hold oil giant Chevron (formerly Texaco) accountable for it’s systematic contamination of the Ecuadorian Amazon – an environmental tragedy experts call "the Rainforest Chernobyl."     More »

Chevron Suffers Further Setbacks in $27 Billion Ecuador Environmental Trial

Court Fines Chevron Lawyer for Causing Delay; Criminal Prosecution Gains Steam
18 August 2009 | Amazon Defense Coalition

An Ecuadorian trial judge dealt Chevron another setback when he fined the company’s local counsel for trying to delay the end of a $27 billion environmental trial and referred a court-ordered report to Ecuador’s national prosecutor for possible use in a criminal prosecution of the company, according to court papers made available this week.     More »

Chevron Using Deep Pockets to Manufacture "Proof" in $27 Billion Environmental Trial

Army of Paid Consultants Seeks Favorable Media Coverage
13 August 2009 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron is using its deep pockets to hire three public relations firms to strengthen a misinformation campaign to evade a $27.3 billion judgment against the company in Ecuador for creating the worst oil-related contamination on earth in the Amazon rainforest, said spokesmen for dozens of Amazonian communities in the South American nation.     More »

Chevron Withdraws Key Legal Claim Before U.S. Federal Court Over $27B Ecuador Liability

Facing Adverse Ruling, Company Chooses To Avoid Litigation Over Controversial Legal Release
3 August 2009 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron has quietly withdrawn a key legal claim in U.S. federal court against Ecuador's government over a $27.3 billion environmental liability in the Amazon, casting doubt about the company's public statements that it will not pay for a clean-up and raising questions about the effectiveness of its legal strategy, according to court records and lawyers representing indigenous communities in Ecuador.     More »

Chevron Rebuffed On Ecuador Trade Benefits By Obama Administration

Oil Giant Had Tried to Lobby USTR Over $27 Billion Environmental Liability in Ecuador’s Amazon
1 July 2009 | Amazon Defense Coalition

In a setback over its attempt to avoid a $27 billion environmental liability, Chevron has failed for the third time in as many years to convince the Obama and Bush administrations to cancel bilateral trade benefits for Ecuador in retaliation for letting indigenous groups sue the oil giant in that country’s courts.
     More »

U.S. Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Chevron Appeal Over $27 Billion Ecuador Environmental Case

Latest in Series of Legal Setbacks for Oil Giant
29 June 2009 | Amazon Defense Coalition

The U.S. Supreme Court today refused to hear an appeal by Chevron of a decision by a U.S. federal trial judge that denied the oil giant's attempt to shift a $27.3 billion liability for environmental contamination in the Amazon rainforest to Ecuador's state-owned oil company.     More »

Four Senators Urge USTR to Ignore Chevron Petition On Ecuador Legal Case

Sens. Wyden, Casey, Durbin and Leahy Sign Letter Expressing “Concern” About Chevron Effort to Link Environmental Case to Trade Benefits
29 June 2009 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Four U.S. Senators are urging the United States Trade Representative to reject efforts by Chevron to threaten the cancellation of trade benefits for Ecuador because the oil giant faces a $27.3 billion liability in the South American nation for dumping billions of gallons of toxic waste into the Amazon rainforest.     More »

New Evidence of Chevron Fraud From Final Judicial Inspections in $27 Billion Environmental Case

24 June 2009 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Evidence that two Chevron lawyers committed fraud in Ecuador apparently has grown stronger with a new court-ordered report finding extensive levels of toxic contamination at two oil well sites that the company claimed to have “remediated” in the mid-1990s.      More »

Amazonian Leaders Blast Chevron CEO David O'Reilly For Deceitful Answers At Public Debate

Chevron Chief Clearly Uncomfortable With Ecuador Topic
16 June 2009 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Amazonian leaders in Ecuador are blasting Chevron CEO David O'Reilly for engaging in "lies and deceit" during a public debate last week in San Francisco over energy-related topic that included the company's expected $27.3 billion liability in Ecuador.     More »