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Chevron Blasted For Misconduct and Corruption in Ecuador Trial

Accused of Using Political Pressure and Junk Science to Evade Court Judgment Over "Amazon Chernobyl"
13 February 2009 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron's legal department was blasted today by the leaders of indigenous groups in the Amazon for engaging in misconduct in an effort to sabotage a lawsuit in Ecuador over environmental contamination where the company faces a potential $27 billion liability.      More »

Questions Raised About Chevron's Political Position in Washington After $27 Billion Ecuador Disaster

Negative Publicity Casts Shadow over Oil Giant As It Tries To Explain Liability to Congress and Journalists
5 February 2009 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron's lobbying team is spreading inaccurate information in Congress to combat negative publicity about a $27 billion environmental liability in Ecuador.     More »

New Evidence Shows Chevron Manipulated Lab Results in Landmark Environmental Trial

Chevron Faces $27 Billion Liability for Toxic Catastrophe in Ecuador's Amazon Rainforest
4 February 2009 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Scientists in the $27 billion class action lawsuit against Chevron in Ecuador's Amazon have discovered that the company manipulated laboratory results to evade a judgment at trial.     More »

Chevron's Amazon Disaster Lands at Sundance

Joe Berlinger’s “Crude” Shows David v. Goliath Legal Battle to Hold Oil Giant Accountable for Destroying Rainforest
Trudie Styler and Sting Join Indigenous Leaders at Opening Jan. 18

15 January 2009 | Amazon Watch

A new documentary which portrays the epic 15-year legal battle between indigenous tribes and oil giant Chevron over massive oil contamination in Ecuador’s Amazon.     More »

Chevron Denied Again by Federal Appeals Court Over Ecuador Rainforest Contamination

Second Setback in Weeks Over $27 Billion Liability
22 December 2008 | Amazon Defense Coalition

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in New York has denied for a second time in a matter of weeks an attempt by Chevron to evade a multi-billion dollar liability in a legal case over environmental contamination in the Amazon rainforest.     More »

State Department Should Investigate Environmental Abuses in Ecuador by Chevron, Say Congressmen Howard Berman and Jim McGovern

Congressmen Describe Human Rights Report As "Laughably Short" of Facts on Oil Pollution in Amazon Rainforest
19 December 2008 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Washington, DC – The Chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee and the Co-Chair of the House Human Rights Commission have called for Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to investigate why the State Department's annual human rights report includes "countless" examples of abuses across the world but fails to mention the "detrimental impact" of environmental destruction in the Ecuadorian rainforest from the oil operations of Texaco, now owned by Chevron.     More »

Shareholders, Wall Street Concerned Over Chevron's $27 Billion Environmental Liability in Ecuador

8 December 2008 | Amazon Watch

Concern among Wall Street analysts and shareholders that the oil giant has failed to set aside sufficient reserves and has not fully disclosed its risk for what could be one of the largest civil judgments in history     More »

Chevron's $27 Billion Liability in Ecuador's Amazon Confirmed by Team of Independent Scientists

Hundreds of Cancer Deaths Due to Ecological Devastation
1 December 2008 | Amazon Defense Coalition

An increase in Chevron's potential environmental liability in Ecuador's Amazon to $27 billion is "reasonable" given new scientific data about groundwater contamination and hundreds of additional cancer deaths due to oil contamination.     More »

Chevron Makes Multinational Monitor Magazine's Top Ten List of World's Worst Corporations

Toxic Dumping, Burma Pipeline, and Drug Bribery Scandal Make Chevron Stand Out for All the Wrong Reasons
26 November 2008 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Washington, DC – Chevron has been named one of the top ten worst corporations in the world for its refusal to take responsibility for dumping billions of gallons of toxic waste into the Amazon and its close relationship to the brutal Burmese military regime, among other human rights and corporate governance problems.     More »

Chevron Hires Global Warming Denier as Consultant

Oil Giant Charged With Hypocrisy for Ad Campaign Touting "Green" Image While Humanitarian Crisis Festers In Amazon
24 November 2008 | Amazon Defense Coalition

Chevron has hired a "scientist" affiliated with a think tank dedicated to denying the threat of global warming while it spends tens of millions of dollars on a national advertising campaign to promote a "green" image.     More »