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Advocacy Groups Blast Chevron for Retaliation Tactics Against Ecuador Villagers and Their Supporters

U.S. legal advocate for Ecuadorians announces crack appellate team as final briefs are filed in Chevron's Retaliatory RICO Case
23 January 2014 | Amazon Watch

Washington, DC – More than 40 U.S. civil society groups are coming to the defense of the Ecuadorian indigenous and farmer communities who won a historic environmental lawsuit against Chevron but have been subject to vicious retaliatory attacks by the oil company, according to a letter released today.     More »

Chevron Faces Dead End In Coming Months Over Its RICO Claims, Assert Lawyers for Villagers

24 December 2013 | Gowen Group Law Office

New York, NY – Chevron's RICO case is facing a dead end in the coming months because a U.S. court is barred by law from sitting in judgment of another country's judiciary.     More »

Prominent Organizations Publicly Condemn Chevron's Actions in Ecuador Case

18 December 2013 | Amazon Watch

Oakland, CA – Today, a dozen prominent environmental and human rights organizations including Amazon Watch, the Sierra Club, and Food and Water Watch issued a public letter condemning Chevron's actions in its decades-long legal battle to evade responsibility for deliberately dumping billions of gallons of toxic wastewater into the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador.     More »

Breaking News: Canada Orders Enforcement Action to Proceed Against Chevron in Ecuador Pollution Case

17 December 2013 | UDAPT (Union of Communities Affected by Texaco)

Toronto, Canada – Indigenous and farmer communities in Ecuador scored a major victory over Chevron today when an Ontario appeals court ruled they have the right to pursue enforcement of a $9.5 billion Ecuadorian court judgment against Chevron's assets in Canada.     More »

Analysis: Why Chevron's RICO Case Won't Survive Appeal and Will Backfire Abroad

13 December 2013 | Gowen Group Law Office

New York, NY – Chevron's RICO case will not survive appeal in the U.S. and will backfire against the oil giant in foreign courts where Ecuadorian villagers are trying to collect on their $9.5 billion judgment to pay for a clean-up of their polluted ancestral lands.     More »

As RICO Trial Ends, Chevron Still Faces Myriad Problems Over Ecuador Judgment Even If It Wins

26 November 2013 | Gowen Group Law Office

New York, NY – As Chevron's RICO trial winds down this week in New York federal court, the company faces a wave of ongoing problems related to its multi-billion dollar Ecuador liability that cannot be solved by controversial judge Lewis A. Kaplan even if he rules in favor of the oil giant.     More »

Judge In Chevron's Ecuador Case Suppresses Evidence of Oil Giant's Environmental Abuses

25 November 2013 | Gowen Group Law Office

New York, NY – Judge Lewis A. Kaplan, overseeing Chevron's RICO trial against Ecuadorian villagers and their lawyers, is suppressing critical witness testimony about Chevron's extensive contamination of Ecuador's rainforest that clearly demonstrates a $9.5 billion environmental judgment against the company is valid.     More »

Testifying Today: Steven Donziger & Ecuadorian Indigenous Leader Javier Piaguaje

15 November 2013 | Gowen Group Law Office

New York, NY – Taking the stand today will be Javier Piaguaje, one of the original "named plaintiffs" in the lawsuit against Chevron. Javier is a local leader from the Secoya indigenous community of San Pablo in the Ecuadorian Amazon, and has been involved in helping organize Secoya villagers and surrounding community members in their two decade-long efforts to hold Chevron accountable for the company's contamination throughout their ancestral lands.     More »

Donziger: Chevron's $9.5 Billion Ecuador Liability a "Profound" Accomplishment for Indigenous Groups

15 November 2013 | Gowen Group Law Office

New York, NY – The $9.51 billion environmental judgment against Chevron in Ecuador represents a "profound" historical accomplishment by indigenous groups and is based on valid scientific evidence that the oil company deliberately dumped billions of gallons of toxic waste into the rainforest, American lawyer Steven Donziger asserted in his proposed sworn written testimony turned over to Chevron this week.     More »

Ecuadorian Court Upholds $9 Billion Judgment Against Chevron

Meanwhile NY judge and Chevron team up to intimidate witnesses and lawyers in desperate retaliatory lawsuit
13 November 2013 | Amazon Watch

Quito, Ecuador – In a major setback for Chevron, the Ecuadorian National Court issued its long-awaited decision in favor of a $9 billion pollution judgment against Chevron upholding and affirming lower court rulings. The court's decision is final.     More »